Dongguan DI-AO cnc equipment co., LTD.
 Dongguan Di Ao CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., located in the Dongcheng district of Dongguan city, Guangdong province, has a production base of 6000 square meters, adjacent to the beautiful Songshan lake, and107 national road, and has convenient transportation.
     Di Ao CNC is a manufacturer who is specializing in the r&d, production and sales of high precision, high speed CNC engraving machines, CNC precision carving machines, CNC highlight machines, CNC tool changer machines, CCD precision carving machines, precision carving machines with mechanical arm, high-speed drilling and tapping machines and other CNC machine tools. The company has now more than 30 different types of products in 4 series, and the equipment is widely used in various industrial fields, such as: shape grinding, chamfering and drilling of mobile phone cover glass, tablet computer and TV glass; Handmade model; Fixture; Acrylic ,PC; Plastic cover; Aluminum shell; Hardware highlight precision processing and other industries.
    Di Ao CNC has been engaged in the field of CNC equipment for many years. It has nearly 10 R&D members with more than 10 years of experience in CNC equipment. Our professional talents go out every year to visit all kinds of CNC equipment and to visit customers oversea. They constantly improve, optimize and introduce new ideas. Through constant innovation, our machines have been widely sold all over the country and abroad, and become the best in the domestic CNC field.

  • JD-600CD CNC Carving machine with 5 heads&5 axes for electronic cigarettes, hardware, watch cases, ornaments and inlay

    JD-600CD CNC Carving machine ...

  • JD-600AB CNC Carving machine with 4 heads&5 axes for electronic cigarettes, hardware, watch cases, ornaments and inlays

    JD-600AB CNC Carving machine ...

  • DA-3040 Double XYZ axis CNC Carving machine with half cover

    DA-3040 Double XYZ axis CNC ...

  • DA-1690SQ Large CNC Carving machine with full cover for Display panel, screen, glass panel.

    DA-1690SQ Large CNC Carving m...

  • DA-1250FD 4 Heads CNC Carving machine with cutter tool changer for various panel,screen

    DA-1250FD 4 Heads CNC Carving...

  • DA-1180DB Large CNC carving machine for various display panel,screen,glass.

    DA-1180DB Large CNC carving m...

  • DA-750SBC  CNC Cutting Machine  with CCD Camera for Acrylic,phone panel,screen,

    DA-750SBC CNC Cutting Machin...

  • DA-750DD CNC Carving machine with cutter tool changer for metal,glass,panel,phone key

    DA-750DD CNC Carving machine ...

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    Contacter: Mr.Allen Liu
    Skype: allenliufeng
    Add: Baicai Niushan Technology Park, Niushan Woling Industrial Zone,Dongcheng District, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China.


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